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Buying and Selling Investment Property

With a background in property development, Duncan has 10 years of experience being on both sides of the property market.


Does Your Property Scream Development potential?

Are you curious about the development potential of your land and how much it’s worth? The Auckland Unitary Plan has opened up considerable opportunity for further development or redevelopment of residential sites throughout the Auckland Region, it’s worth appraising your biggest asset.

There are a number of factors that make a residential section attractive, workable and profitable to a developer. Have you identified which zone you are in? Have you identified where the wastewater and stormwater connections for your property are? Providing relevant material which will help to attract a premium price, particularly if the developer is inexperienced.

Do you already have a resource consent for the property? If so, show plans. Otherwise, get a feasibility report. They will add significant value to your listing and attracting buyers.

Passive income is fantastic, so why doesn’t everybody invest in property? The biggest road block is fear and not knowing what to look for and where to start.

As a developer, you’re an investor committing your equity, expertise, and talents to convert land from its current use to higher and better use. So you’ll need to educate yourself on the property, the markets, economics, finance, town planning, the construction processes, and the marketing of real estate.

That is where a Property Strategist comes in, my job is to help you research, locate and negotiate the purchase of property; maximise investment returns through property investment management, and understand the finance.


Looking to Start your
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Whether have a property, a property in mind, or looking for some advice, schedule a 15min call with Duncan.